vendor and brand showing in woopos but not woocommerce

  • Hiya

    So I imported some SKUs into Woopos which went fine, the brands and vendors are all there. But when I publish to web, while the SKU, price and description are uploaded, nothing else is. So everything is uncategorised, there is no Long Description either.

    What am I doing wrong with this?

    So I have tried this multiple times, the product name and price on Woocommerce will update when I upload from Woopos, but fields like “Brands” and Categories do not?

    What really confuses me is that I can actually import the web brands and categories to Woopos but not the other way round?

    Please tell me there’s a way to do it the other way round?

    So the only way I can upload or change categories/tags is to go into the “Web Info” part of the individual product and change it there. but that’s on an individual level. Is there a means to bulk upload or change this? (even then, there does not seem to be any way to update the Brand from Woopos)

    You are correct. We don’t have a way to bulk update categories now, neither the brands.

    Which plugin do you use for brand? Please give us some time, we’ll check if we can do something for you.

    I use the “Perfect Woocommerce Brands” plugin

    Perfect WooCommerce Brands


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