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  • Thanks Benny.  I think this will work.  Appreciate it.

    I figured it was something I’d done. 🙂 As always, thanks for the help – and your patience.

    Right now everything I import seems to be assigned to Central Pet Distribution rather than No Vendor. No Vendor should be the default.

    I don’t think the coupon option would work for me since the points need to be available both in WooPOS and in the online store. Am I correct in assuming that the WooPOS coupons aren’t also available to online buyers?

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll figure out a workaround in the meantime and share how I do it here (in case anyone else is in the same position).

    I think I understand, but it creates a bit of a problem for me: it separates the attributes so that a customer who wants to see all of the food blends I offer will only see one set of products when they click on the Blend attribute link and another set when they click on the Blend(v) attribute. There’s no one link they can click that lets them see ALL of the blends that I offer. Does that make sense?

    Sorry, first time trying to embed imgur images in a post. Trying again here: