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V17.10.17 Added dynamic wallpaper (home screen background) in c:\woopos\wallpaper folder.

V17.10.05 Fixed a bug when inputting negative decimal numbers.

V17.09.18 Fixed variation and attribute set naming issues with more than 50 attributes per item.

V17.09.06 Fixed stock quantities synchronization issue for variations created after publishing.

V17.08.23 Fixed POS rounding off issue on the tax inclusive items.

V17.08.06 Speeded up WordPress media library loading.

V17.07.27 Speeded up creating inventory count snapshot for variation Skus.

V17.06.25 Added keywords translation to any language other than English.

V17.06.12 Added “Delete All Data” function to the main menu to delete all transactions, products, customers, etc.

V17.06.04 Fixed some bugs for the non-English (Unicode) environment.

V17.06.01 Fixed an error when importing WooCommerce Order with shipping line tax totals.

V17.05.20 Fixed WooCommerce product status does not change to “out of stock” automatically.

V17.05.18 Added QR code scanning function to upload and download inventory count files.

V17.05.10 Speeded up URL image loading in POS.

V17.05.09 Fixed some bugs on WooCommerce Synchronization.

V17.05.08 Launched WooPOS inventory count app in Google play store.

V17.05.01 Fixed a bug with incomplete product listing problem.

V17.04.12 Started using WooCommerce API V2.  WooCommerce 3.0.x or later is required.

V17.03.01 First Release.

** The version number is the actual date in YY.MM.DD format **

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