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Adding New Customers

New customers can be added from the Customer screen, accessed in two different ways. Either access by pressing F6 or...
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Adjusting Store Credit Balance

If you ever need to change customer’s store credit balance, you can sell an adjustment SKU and make payment by...
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Customer Emails – Using a Template

1. Create a HTML file name starts with EmailTemplate_ (eg, EmailTemplate_Customer) put it into c:\woopos folder. The contents of the...
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Checking Reward Points Balance

Once a customer has accumulated reward points from purchases, the balance of points can be viewed from the customer info...
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Sending AR Statements By Email

To send monthly A/R statement by email to all customers, first, create an email template HTML file name starts with...
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Creating and Using Sub-Customers

Sub-customers are useful for situations where you have a business with multiple contacts which you want to keep track of....
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Exporting Customer Email Addresses

To export the email addresses of all your customers: 1. Login to the system and access the customers menu. Press the More button. A menu...
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Displaying Customer A/R Balance

To display customer A/R balance, select the Customers icon from the main menu. Select the customer whose account balance you...
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Combining Customer Files

To merge transactions from one customer to another duplicated customer, go to the customer section. Select “Merge Transactions” from “More”...
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Creating A/R Groups

Grouping customers for AR reports:  1. Login to the system and access the customers menu. 2. Select a customer to create the...
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Printing Mailing Labels

Labels for mailing / shipping can be printed from the customer screen. Select Customers from the menu bar to get...
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Aging A/R Interest

A/R interest can be aged from the Customers screen.   From the customer screen, press More in the top right...
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Printing A/R Statements

You can print a customer’s AR statement from the customers screen. Select the customer whose account you would like to...
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Print and Export Mailing Lists

To print and export mailing lists, mailing labels and envelopes as well as customer lists, first: 1. Login to the system and access...
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