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Computer Recommended/Minimum Requirements: 2.6Ghz i3 or i5 (4th or Newer Generation) or Compatible CPU,  i5 or i7 for Database Servers 8GB...
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WooPOS Software Version Update Notes

2021 V21.06.23 Added Verifone Point payment integration V21.06.20 Recitified on NAB EPXPay V21.06.10 Added dim background when the popup window...
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Turning on or off switches

You can turn on or turn off switches in store settings. In this example, if you turn on switch 072,...
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Logging in to WooPOS

1. To login to WooPOS, click the “Login” icon located on the screen, upon clicking this icon, a login window...
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WooCommerce Inventory Management Overview

Powerful WooCommerce Inventory Management In today’s fiercely competitive business world, management should aim beyond survival at market leadership. You need...
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Changing List View Layout

Any time you view a list in WooPOS (inventory, purchase orders, transaction items, etc) you can arrange and resize the...
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Accessing the POS Menu

The POS (Front End Sale) menu can be accessed by either selecting the POS icon at the left sidebar or...
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Transaction Attributes

You can use transaction attributes to track custom information about the transaction or the items in the transaction. A transaction...
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Accessing the Customers Menu

The Customers menu can be accessed by either selecting the Customers icon at the left sidebar or selecting it from the...
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Accessing the Products Menu

The Products menu can be accessed by either selecting the Products icon at the left sidebar of the screen or...
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Accessing the Setup Menu

The Setup menu can be accessed by either selecting the Setup icon at the left side bar of the screen, or selecting...
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