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Adding New Attributes

This article will show you how to create new attributes. The attributes are referred to as user-defined fields (UDFs), custom metadata,...
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Ingenico iSMP4 WiFi Setup

Turn on the Ingenico unit by plugging in the unit or pressing the on/off button. When you first turn the...
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Setting up Printers

Using the printer setting window you can specify which printer will print each type of document (invoices, day end, etc)....
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General Ledger Accounts

In order to properly export your daily or monthly general ledger for use in your accounting program, you first have...
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Login to Different Store

If you have multiple stores for your business, you may need to switch which store you’re logged into.  To do...
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WooPOS General Guide

Installing WooPOS Connecting to WooCommerce Web Store Importing Products from Excel Importing Customers from Excel Adding New Employee and Position...
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Adding New Employees

1. New employees can be added to the system from the setup menu. Log into the system, and then access...
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Restoring Database Backup

The backup can be done when exiting POS. Backup is recommended once a day or before you make big changes....
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Installing WooPOS

Before you download and install WooPOS, please check the recommended computer specifications. First,    the installer. Run WooPosSetup.exe file from the Downloads folder....
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Accessing WooPOS in Web Browser

To get web access to WooPOS, at least one Windows computer needs to have the WooPOS Windows Desktop app installed....
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