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Inventory Count Guide

1. Preparing For Your Inventory Count Read through the entire inventory count guide before starting your count. Prepare all physical...
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Creating a New SKU

To create a new Sku or create a copy of existing Sku: 1. Login into the system and access the Products menu. Select the Skus...
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SKU Naming Patterns

When creating new SKUs and Purchase Orders, you can automatically assign them names according to a preset naming pattern. Next...
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Purchase Order Guide

Purchase Orders: A Step by Step Guide   1. The first step to a successful purchase order is to create...
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Generating Inventory Snapshot

**The general inventory count guide can be found here.** Your first step when doing an inventory count is generating a...
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Creating a Consignment SKU

1. To create a consignment SKU, first, add a vendor named Consignment. 2. Go Setup, Attributes, select Product entity. Create a...
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Manually Adjusting Quantity on Hand

The QOH of any Manage-Stock item can be adjusted manually using the Inventory screen. Login into the system and access the Products...
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Variation Skus

Variable products are a product type that lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock,...
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Making Changes to Variation SKUs

There are three methods to make changes to variation Skus Individual SKU You can make changes to individual variation SKU....
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Products Label Templates

You can use one of the following labels for your business.  Simply select the import file below the images that...
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