Integration with physical store and online branding

  • How is integration of wooPos with some physical (not online) store happens?

    Also is it possible to hide all branding of wooPos on online web store site?

    Thank you.

    I’m not sure about your questions. We use our hosted cloud database as a bridge to synchronize data between physical stores.

    Understanding Hybrid Cloud and Local Databases

    The branding should not be uploaded to the web by default. Please email to support with some screenshots if you need more details.


    Thanks for answering about branding.

    My first question is: if sale happens in real (not online but physical) store, how process of sale can be read and input inside wooPos? There is probably scanner of product connected to POS system which reads product SKU and inputs information to the system and system then reduces number of products in inventory. How does this process happen and what are possibilities with devices which read information about product which is sold. Thank you.

    Sorry I still don’t understand your question. Hope this is will help.

    When a product is out of stock, POS will give an out-of-stock warning message when selling. You can still sell the product. In most case, if the customer has the item physical on hand, the quantity number in POS system is probably wrong. The quantity should be manually adjusted or though inventory count. If you have layaway or web orders, the system will put item on-hold (A column other than QtyOnhand), and you should put the item physically aside(on hold).

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