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1. Click Labels from the home screen.

2. Overview of Label Generator:

      Step 1: Select the Label Designer option.

      Step 2: In the window that appears, ensure the Create New Blank Label option is selected.

      Step 3: Specify a desired name for your label.

      Step 4: Select Create to proceed and edit the label.


3. Overview of Label Designer:

To see further instructions for designing a label, see: Creating Labels

Click the blank area of the label to get label properties screen on the right.

labelColumns: Specify the number of columns to fit into the page for printing labels.

labelRows: Specify the number of rows to fit into the page for printing labels.

labelSize_Height: Specify the height of the label.

labelSize_Width: Specify the width of the label.

In this example, the labels will be printed on Avery 5160 3X10 label sheet.

4. Select Save in the top-center of the label designer window to finalize your label changes.


5. Overview of the Label Generator screen:


      Step 1: Add SKU(s) to printer labels for.

      Step 2: Select the printer you are using, and also the label you setup previously.

      Step 3: Specify how many pixels to nudge down the page in order to align the labels for printing. (Positive numbers will nudge down, negative numbers will nudge up)

      Step 4: Select Print Labels to print your labels from your laser printer. (Hold down the CTRL key and select this option to first preview your page before printing)

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