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WooPOS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps retail businesses enter, analyze, and track customer information. CRM systems also provide a methodology for storing, measuring, and managing customer interactions. WooPOS designed to help businesses generate sales and maintain relationships with customers and enable you to analyze customer data and ultimately measure business performance to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Within our software solution, you can keep your data organized and create profiles for your customers for easy lookup. Manage and capture relevant customer information to propel your business forward with personalized touches in every transaction.


Track all customer transaction data for historical analysis and predict future buying trends.  Analyze demographics across all of your stores, identify your top customers, and track all of their transactions in one place.



Provide better and more convenient service to your customers, knowing who they are and what they’ve purchased from you.  Recall previous transactions and get a snapshot of the customer’s account instantly.



Create email or mail out lists to target your customers with your marketing efforts.  Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking the source of your customers and their spending habits.



Keep a comprehensive record of customers’ purchasing history and personal/contact information to identify sales trends. Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing and the level of service your staff are providing.

Customer Loyalty

A loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons. Loyalty program increases customer happiness and retention. WooPOS provides several different types of reward programs:
  • Point System: This is perhaps the most common type of loyalty reward program. Customers are rewarded points according to money spent on qualifying products or services. This type of program works best for businesses that depend on frequent, short term, purchases.
  • Tier System: The tier system allows repeat customers to accumulate points which lead to preset discounts and special offers. As points are accumulated, the customer enters a higher tier receiving more extensive benefits.
  • VIP System: More of a subscription service, the VIP system provides exclusive benefits to customers in exchange for an annual fee. It may be a regular 10% discount on all purchases, preferred booking status, or free delivery. In other words, members get special privileges.
  • Coupon System: Issue a coupon after a customer purchased a certain amount of items. A piece of paper could convince customers to come back for a second visit.

Track, Improve & Retain

With WooPOS, keeping up with your customers is easy. The CRM module gives you the ability to keep detailed records of all of your customer transactions for quick lookup. Your cashiers will be able to deliver a personalized approach with clerk-visible customer notes to increase customer service levels. WooPOS offers you simple and easy customer input functionality allows you to track relevant customer data quickly and easily. Let’s say a customer needs to return an item they bought last week, but she can’t find her receipt. What do you do? With CRM, you can pull up the customer’s purchase history by phone number or name, reprint the receipt, and refund the total to her credit card without a hitch.

Custom attributes such as customer ring size, shoe size and birthday can be set up to capture important details about your customer so that you can keep a detailed record of their retail experience.

In addition to transactions, special orders, back orders, points, store credit, and AR tracking, you can also track service activities. With robust attribute system, you can attach any data to the CRM activity entry, such as number, note, document, and image.


Customer Management Features Highlights:

  • Detailed records of all customer purchases
  • Form Letters and mailing labels and envelope
  • Accept payments on account from any location
  • Store credit tracking
  • Customer photo and identification
  • Total COGS, Revenue, Profit, and Returns per customer and per custom time period
  • Tax exemptions
  • Tax Rules based on the shipping address
  • Discount rules by customer type
  • A/R monthly  statement points statement
  • AR interest rates per customer
  • Track events, birthdays, calls, emails, etc.
  • Full customer detail tracking
  • Frequent Shopper Loyalty Points Program
  • Points earned and spent tracking
  • Group/sub customer capability
  • Active / Inactive customer flag
  • Clerk visible customer notes
  • Email subscriber checkbox
  • Mail subscriber checkbox
  • Google Map integration

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