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After you created a layaway, you may need to modify and make changes to an existing layaway transaction.

1. To edit a layaway, first Access the POS menu.

2. Select a customer with the layaway transaction you want to edit, then select Transactions (or press F3) at the point of sale screen.

3. Select the layaway transaction you want to edit by clicking on it once. Click “Recall transaction” from the buttons at the bottom of the window.

**note: if you have switch 029 enabled, you will get the Advanced Recall Transaction Details screen.

4. Once you have the transaction recalled, make whatever changes you would like to make to the item. Once you are finished click the green Finish & Pay button in the bottom-right.

Select whether you would like to process payment and finalize or just save the item changes so you can finalize at a different time.



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