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There are three methods to make changes to variation Skus

Individual SKU

You can make changes to individual variation SKU. Uncheck Show Main Sku Only, Hit F5 or the Fresh button. You can then unhide and edit the variation Skus individually.

Main SKU

Select the main Sku, make changes like description and price, click the Save button.

A variation bulk editing screen will pop up. Hold CTRL key and click the variations you want to change, or just click Select All Variations to select all. Click Apply Changes to Selected Variations.


Bulk Editing

Click the Variations button in Skus Info tab.

The variation window will pop up.

  1. Check the checkboxes on the left side of the variations, or check Check All.
  2. Select the field to make the change.
  3. Enter values
  4. Make batch changes.

To change SKU number itself, use the “Change SKU” menu.

You can create an Excel file which contains current SKU, new SKU. Use “Change SKUs” menu to bulk update SKUs (SKU numbers only).



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