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Parked transactions put a transaction on hold while a customer leaves, with the intention of return the same day. Parked Transactions do not allow you to take payments on them, and will only allow you to turn the parked transaction into an invoice once it is recalled. After doing your day end, if you have any outstanding parked transactions, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to delete all of your parked transactions. If you select yes, it will delete all the parked transactions in the system. If you choose no, it will carry the parked transactions over to the next day. Carrying parked transactions is not recommended, please use Quotation or Layaway instead.

1. To park a transaction, first access the POS menu.

2. Select a customer, then select the SKU(s) into the transaction, then click Finish & Pay

3. Select PARK from the drop down menu.

4. Finally, click the green Complete Transaction button.

You can also use “PARK/HOLD” to park the transaction.

**To recall a parked transaction, use F3 Transactions button in POS, use the “Recall Transaction” button.


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