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To print and export mailing lists, mailing labels and envelopes as well as customer lists, first:

1. Login to the system and access the customers menu. Press the More button. A menu will pop up at the button location, select Print / Export from the list of options.


2. Upon selecting this button, a Print/Export window will be displayed. Within the Print/Export window, you will see three separate boxes; they will be labeled as;

  1.  Choose Customers
  2.  Print/Export Compiled List
  3.  Print Mailing Label/Envelope



3. Select Export List



4. A save window will appear, type in the desired name of the export file near the bottom of the window, then select Save.



5. A window prompt will then appear asking you whether you wish to include Notes and Attributes in your export.

(May take a long time to export)

When you have selected Yes or No to the “Notes and Attributes” export, after a few minutes your completed export will appear in the desired save location.


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