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If a customer purchases several items and puts them on A/R, and then later wants to return only one or some of the items in that transaction, you can’t simply void the sale as that would remove ALL the items.

First, return the items. When you process the payment, you must select how to credit the customer for the return. The system will not allow you to enter a negative A/R amount, so you will enter the balance into the Store Credit field by press the Insert key and then Enter key on the keyboard. Click the Complete Transaction button to finish the transaction.


You now have returned the items, but the customer still has both an A/R balance and a store credit balance. Now you have to apply that store credit to the customer’s A/R account.

Once again select the customer from the list. Recall the transaction. Now select the original A/R transaction as before, but this time press the Receive Payment button.

In the process payment window, enter the customer’s store credit balance into the Store Credit field, and click the Complete Transaction button to apply the payment to the customer’s A/R balance.



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