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You can turn on or turn off switches in store settings. In this example, if you turn on switch 072, you can use a simple password for the administrative account, and the password will be never expired.

You may need to restart POS after saving the settings.

List of switches:



ID Name Description
003 Cash Drawer Open By Cash Transaction Only Don’t Open Drawer if no cash paid or no cash changes
004 Disable 2nd POS Screen Don’t show POS transaction info to customers on second monitor
006 Disable Discount Info Don’t show discount info on 3″ receipt or full-size invoice
007 Item Qty Prompting in POS Always show Change Quantity [F9] Screen when adding item to POS
009 Show Variation Description on PO Show variation description on Inventory Order Report
010 Show Variation Description on Receipt Append variation description to item description on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice
011 Show Full Variation Description on Receipt Append variation group name and description to item description on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice
012 Merge Lines on Receipt Merge multiple lines into a single line for items with same SKU and price on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice
013 Merge Variation Qty on Invoice Merge and show variation quantity matrix for items with same SKU and price
014 PO Variation Matrix Show Variation Qty Matrix on Purchase Order reports. (Unique variation attribute option alias is required)
015 Large Currency Amount No Decimal on $ Amount
016 No Unit Price on Receipt Extended Price only on 3″ Receipt
017 No Sku on Receipt Don’t show Sku on 3″ Receipt
022 Simplified PO Report Inventory Order Report without discount and tax info…
023 Margin on ListCost Calculate Margin based on ListCost instead of LandedCost, or calculate sell price by inputting Suggested Margin
024 Margin on AvgCost Calculate Margin based on AvgCost instead of LandedCost, or calculate sell price by inputting Suggested Margin
025 UPC on PO Show UPC/EAN on Inventory Order Report and full-size invoice
026 Select Printer Choose a printer when there are multiple printers in the local settings printer list
027 Enable Back Order Wholesale Back Order
028 Receive Payment on Back Order Receive Full Payment or Partial deposit on Wholesale Back Order
029 Advanced Recall Transaction Changable Layaway, Special Order, Work Order. Allow partial Invoice. Items Status tracking…
030 Advanced Recall Transaction When switch 029 is on and recall transaction, don’t popup item details window. Don’t allow partial invoice
031 Advanced Recall Transaction When switch 029 is on, resave or finalize work order by selecting transaction type in payment window
032 No Decimal Point on Payment Amount Cash Register way to input. Eg, enter 100, then the amount is $1.00
034 Duplicate Product Number Popup Sku selection in POS if Duplicate Product Number, Serial Number or Group Name found
035 Product Number on Receipt Print Product Number in Decription on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice. See switch 036
036 Product Number on Receipt Print Product Number instead of SKU on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice. See switch 035
037 5-decimal Retail Price Maximum 5 decimal points on Sell Price
038 No Clerk on Receipt Don’t print sales clerk on 3″ receipt or full-size invoice
039 Show Member ID Show Member ID as prefix of customer name on reports
040 Show Customer Address Show customer shipping address on 3″ receipt
041 Use Current Shipping Address Use current newest shipping address when re-print invoice
042 Choose Pickup Order Local Tax Rate Ask Pickup or Delivery if different tax rate based on shipping address detected
043 Choose Pickup or Delivery Always ask Pickup or Delivery
044 Editable Bundle Change items price and quantity, add or remove items in the Bundle
045 Dynamic Package/Bundle Build package by ending Sku PACKAGEEND, input package description and price, sub-items price will be hidden on invoice
046 No Discount Message on Bundle Don’t show discount on Bundle items
047 Hide Bundle sub-items price Hide Bundle sub-items price on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice. Related switch 106
048 Alternative Payment Receipt When receive payment, print AR statement or origial transation with all related payments
049 Points to Coupon Convert to Coupon once points reach minimum redeem points
050 Simplified Gift Receipt Don’t print items detail on Gift Receipt
051 POS Delete Item Ask Delete or Insert Negative Line when [F11] delete item in POS
052 Recall Other Store’s Transaction Allow recall and change other store’s Layaway, Special Order, Work Order
053 Clerk Full Name Show sales clerk full name in POS
054 Show Cost in POS Show Cost and Margin in POS, permissions required. Related switches 023, 024
055 No over-payment Don’t allow over-payment and cash back
056 Transfer Count Sheet Print transfer count sheet when printing transfer out slip
057 Keep Original Price Ignore auto-discount rules for recalled transaction
058 Round Up Package Qty Automatically round up the quantity of an item in the POS to the package quantity
059 Show Customer Info to Customer Show or input customer info on second monitor(if applicable)
060 Show Customer Name Show customer name on second monitor(if applicable)
061 No Returns on THANK YOU Don’t allow Returns or negative sales under **THANK YOU** customer
063 Partial POS Clerks List Don’t load other stores’ Clerks in POS dropdown list
064 PO Receive Non-Manage-Stock Items Allow receive and post Non-Manage-Stock items in Purchase Order
065 Force selected Item on Sales Return Sales Return(Shift-F4): return selected item instead of lowest price item
066 AR Statement with Running Totals AR Statement with Running Totals(Balance on each line)
067 AR Statement By Store Only Show current store transactions on AR Statement
068 No Low Stock Warning Don’t Show Less Quantity in Stock message
069 Low Stock Warning in POS Show Less Quantity in Stock message if QOH<=0
070 Low Stock All Stores Use QOH from all stores for low stock warning, special order and back order
071 Kitchen Printers Print Transaction Items to printers which have KitchenPrinters Sku Attribute setup
072 Disable PCI Compliance Disable administrative account 15 minute idle logout and strong password policies. (Use at your own risk!!!)
073 Special Order to PO Immediately create purchase order after special order transaction
074 Receipt Group by Department Receipt group and sort by department
075 Keep Sku Lookup Screen Do not focus on last POS item when [F5] Sku Lookup screen shows up
076 Edit Invoice Item Allow Administrator to change Sku, Description and sales clerk in POS F3 Recall Transactions–>More–>Item Details
077 Signature for AR only When Signature Pad enabled, require signature only if paid by AR
078 Signature for Credit Card only When Signature Pad enabled, require signature only if paid by Credit Card
079 No Spaces In Barcode Don’t add spaces at end of barcode to fit the barcode width
080 Show Unit Name Show Unit Name(eg. kg, lb, sqft, 750ml) on invoice
081 Auto Order Combine QOH Combine All Stores QOH compares with Reorder Point in PO Auto Order section for multi-store and basic(non-formula) option
082 No Sku Attributes on Description Don’t show Sku’s top 3 Attributes as description on reports
083 No Sku Attributes on PO Report Don’t show Sku’s top 3 Attributes as description on PO reports
085 Web Payment Only Merge all payment types into “Web Payment” when importing web transactions
086 Web Attributes Import Web Attributes from Excel to Web Info screen instead of downloading Web Attributes from web
087 No Other Store Payment Confirmation Turn off confirmation when receive a payment on a transaction initially done in another store
088 No Combined Tax Rounding-Off Turn off Rounding-Off check for combined total tax rate
089 Popup Transaction Attribute Popup Transaction Attribute form at end of transaction, before payment window
090 PO Total Rounding-Off Rounding-Off on purchase order’s grand total instead of item/line total
091 Allow Extra Payment Allow to receive extra payment on fully paid transactions
092 Uncheck “Discount On Reg. Price” Uncheck “Discount On Reg. Price” checkbox in “F2 Discount” when using QuickLaunch buttons, eg: {Discount}All10%
095 Ask Email Ask customer Email if it’s blank when creating or selecting customer
096 Uncheck “Discount On Reg. Price” Always Uncheck “Discount On Reg. Price” checkbox in “F2 Discount”
097 Average Cost In Red Show Average Cost in red if below minimum landed cost or over maximum landed cost
098 Hide WooPOS Logo Hide WooPOS logo tile in home screen
099 Multi-batch Dayend Allow multiple dayend batches/shifts for stores open 24 hours
100 Change Transaction Date Allow administrators to change transaction date in F3 Transaction screen by double clicking the date
101 Auto Assemble Automatically assemble or dissemble main product if QOH is not equal to zero
102 Bulk Update Products Allow administrators to hold CTRL key and click SAVE (SKU) button to bulk update selected SKUs
103 Bulk Delete Products Allow administrators to delete selected SKUs
104 Purchase Transaction Print purchase invoice if transaction total is negative for buy back, trade-in, buy and sell
105 Apply to Variations Apply changes to all variation SKUs when saving main SKU
106 Hide Bundle sub-items Hide Bundle sub-items on 3″ receipt and full-size invoice. Related switch 047
108 Add Points Message Add points balance message to full-size invoice
109 Quick Edit SKUs Quick edit description, price and quantity in Skus tab
110 Last Order Price Always use same price for same item and same customer from last invoice
111 POS Choose Location Popup selection of In-Store Locations in POS. Double click the location cell to edit
112 Add Shipping Cost Add SHIPPING SKU to every transaction
113 Recall Invoice Allow recalling and making changes to outstanding Invoice transaction. Related switch 076
114 Auto Redeem Store Credit Always ask to apply store credit in payment window
116 Web Order Invoice date Use current date time instead of the web order date time when converting web order to invoice
117 Web Order to Special Order Tag Items on Web Order as On-Special-Order if not stock in all stores
118 Disable SKU AutoComplete Disable SKU AutoComplete prompting in barcode scanning input box
119 Merge Payment Types Merge all integrated payment types into Visa
120 Merge Payment Types Merge all integrated payment types into Visa, except DEBIT and EBT
121 Default to Work Order Alway automatically select Work Order in payment window when “Finish and Pay”
122 Default to Work Order If Back Order items added, select Work Order in payment window when “Finish and Pay”
126 One-year Revenue Always reset customer total revenue for past 12 months period
127 Disable SKU Checking Disable duplicate SKU checking when creating new SKU on different computers
128 Invoice PDF Copy Keep a copy of PDF invoice in receipt folder when full-size invoice is printed
129 Year in Transaction# Add two digits of the year to transaction sequence number. This will apply to all stores
130 Allow Less GC# Allow gift card number less than 8 Characters
131 Disable AUTO GC# Disable automatical gift card number
149 Web Variation Description Use different description/title for variations of web items
151 No Description Overwriting Do not overwrite description when synced with web
152 No Product# Overwriting Do not overwrite product number when synced with web
153 No Price Overwriting Do not overwrite price when synced with web
154 No Attribute Set Overwriting Do not overwrite attribute set when downloading from web
155 No Sale Price Overwriting Do not overwrite sale price when synced with web
157 No Department Overwriting Do not overwrite department when synced with web
159 No Brand Overwriting Do not overwrite brand when synced with web
161 No Cost Overwriting Do not overwrite cost when synced with web
163 No Tax Overwriting Do not overwrite taxable when synced with web
165 No Customer Type Overwriting Do not overwrite customer type when synced with web
166 No Image Resizing Keep the original images when uploading to web for images over 600 pixels in height

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