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Please get the upgrade from the three-dash menu or download the newest version here.


V24.07.03 Added “Record a Video” feature on the three-dash menu

V24.06.20 Redone Inventory Count Android app for Android version 11 and up

V24.05.10 Added print special orders button in the PO receiving screen

V24.04.07 Added stock quantities import with the specified date – a quick spot count without inventory snapshot

V24.03.03 Added Discount Amount and Item Note to purchase order importing

V24.02.16 Dynamically add extra columns to most list views

V24.01.30 Added Alpha Pay integration


V23.12.16 Added line item note to inventory count and transfer

V23.11.12 Added switch to merge lines for the auto-discounted items in POS

V23.10.30 Rebranded Pointy to Local Inventory On Google in GUI as requested by Google

V23.10.11 Auto-assign in-store-location to items in inventory count and transfer

V23.09.18 Added buttons to move items up and down button in the purchase order on-order screen.

V23.09.17 Added changing description in the purchase order on-order screen.

V23.07.30 Added auto discount rules for Parent SKU (package UOM)

V23.06.15 Added switch to quantities to the existing line when adding the same SKU in POS

V23.05.18 Added Transaction Details With In-Store Location report

V23.04.08 Popup variations selection window in POS when one of the lookup codes is entered

V23.03.17 Added switch to attach AR Statement when emailing an invoice

V23.02.01 Added surcharge and cash discount features


V22.08.15 Improved FIFO cost calculation

V22.07.21 Added searchable checkboxes attribute

V22.07.06 Added feature to append attributes to the product description on the invoice

V22.06.19 Added dynamic columns to the product list view

V22.06.01 Added signature capture on the second customer-facing touchscreen monitor

V22.05.30 Added tips selection on the second customer-facing touchscreen monitor

V22.05.20 Added UPC database online lookup to auto-fill in descriptions and images

V22.05.06 Added feature to tare container after weighing

V22.04.20 Increased database security and added an optional IP whitelist

V22.04.05 Added support for postal USB weight scale

V22.03.15 Added switch to allow saving web API log

V22.03.12 Added CLF Distribution integrations

V22.02.18 Added switch to allow making changes to the finalized invoices

V22.01.20 Added switch to allow changing the payment date on payment transactions

V22.01.12 Added switch to auto import products from web to POS


V21.12.31 Added FastBound integration

V21.12.01 Added SMS text message marketing integration with Twilio

V21.11.28 Added Mercato SFTP integration, export product list and import web order transactions

V21.11.18 Added Insta cart SFTP integration, export product list

V21.11.08 Added Blueberry cart integration, export product list and import web orders into Shopify

V21.10.08 Added auto discount rules by weekday

V21.10.06 Added auto delete related PO when deleting items in the work order or special order

V21.10.01 Added option to manage stock in store but not on the web

V21.09.25 Added AR statement by Store

V21.09.05 Added multi-location stock quantities data to WooCommerce

V21.08.10 Added taxes when adding vendor invoice to PO receiving

V21.07.25 Added searching column to Query Builder

V21.07.18 Added multiple currencies display in POS

V21.07.08 Added feature to allow scan package barcode and individual item barcode

V21.06.23 Added Verifone Point payment integration

V21.06.20 Recitified on NAB EPXPay

V21.06.10 Added dim (grey) background when the popup window shows

V21.05.27 Added payment summary report without day end

V21.05.16 Added option to skip existing value when importing images and attributes

V21.04.17 Added Gmail support

V21.04.15 Added Shopify multi-location inventory support

V21.04.04 Added resave or finalize work order by selecting transaction type in the payment window

V21.03.28 Added auto-select Work Order transaction type in the payment window

V21.03.05 Added custom view to list view

V21.03.02 Added Datalogic Magellan scanner and weight scale support

V21.02.29 Added Nexgo payment integration

V21.02.21 Added Pax payment integration

V21.02.07 Added Dejavoo payment integration

V21.01.15 Added multi-website (multi-woo or multi-Shopify) support

V21.01.04 Added department/category selection in POS front end


V20.12.30 Added purchase order status to on-special-order items

V20.12.09 Added automatically send the transfer request to selected stores

V20.11.12 Fixed WooCommerce Media library loading issue

V20.10.25 Added Ingenico Lane 3000, Ingenico Lane 5000, Ingenico Link 2500, Verifone MX Series, Ingenico iSMP4 to WorldPay/FIS integration

V20.09.26 Added multi-batch Dayend per day

V20.09.02 Launched Dashboard and reports web app

V20.08.16 Launched “Quick Edit Product” mobile web app

V20.08.07 Added Valor Paytech payment integration

V20.07.16 Added PayRoc payment integration, pay AR by emailing payment link

V20.07.06 Speeded up searching and system response for over 500,000 products

V20.06.20 Added Remote Desktop access from the web browser (cloud-based access)

V20.05.29 Added auto print web orders

V20.05.11 Added auto-convert web orders to invoices

V20.04.18 Added designing and printing flyers and coupons

V20.04.12 Added Self-Serve order for resellers

V20.04.08 Tested adding quick launch buttons up to 25,000 buttons

V20.03.30 Allow recalling and making changes to outstanding Invoice transactions (Switch 113)

V20.03.16 Added batch uploading stock quantities to the web

V20.02.11 Added importing or adding stock quantities from Excel

V20.02.08 Fixed some bugs on layout printing of custom design invoice

V20.01.30 Added eConduit/BlackLine/Payroc integration

V20.01.16 Added touch-screen friendly scrolling

V20.01.05 Added Customized POS front-end screen


V19.12.30 Added batch/expiry date and in-store location management

V19.11.15 Added auto email any reports in the scheduled time

V19.10.28 Added batch emailing AR statements

V19.10.05 Added Pointy.com integration

V19.09.26 Added BlockChyp payment integration for U.S. merchants

V19.08.20 Added North American Bancard payment integration for U.S. merchants

V19.07.26 Added tax by county and city combination auto tax rate calculation

V19.07.10 Added Tyro payment integration for Australian merchants

V19.06.01 Added OpenEdge (Global Payments) integration for USA and Canada merchants

V19.05.08 Added PC-EFTPOS payment integration for Australian merchants

V19.04.21 Added Global Payments integration for Canadian merchants

V19.03.24 Added ShipStation and Shippo integration

V19.03.11 Added SmartPay payment integration for Australian & New Zealand merchants

V19.03.10 Added kiosk mode (customer self-checkout)

V19.02.28 Added “Design Custom On Order Report” for sending purchase orders to vendor

V19.02.16 Added “Design Custom Invoice”

V19.02.01 Added auto print label function when scanning items to purchase order receiving

V19.01.18 Added historical inventory count lookup

V19.01.12 Added “Less Details” simplified payment window


V18.12.18 Added bulk edit list cost

V18.11.16 Added full translation to any language for full-size invoice

V18.11.09 Fixed customer total revenue problem for inactive customers

V18.10.16 Added image icon to SKU list

V18.09.11 Added available quantity for BUNDLE and ASSEMBLED products, based on the availability of sub-items

V18.08.27 Allow to add SPECIALSKU or AUTOSKU to existing work order and add new auto-created SKU to special order

V18.07.22 Added the filter on special orders list to exclude non-manage inventory items and in-stock items

V18.07.09 Added auto send the transfer request to other stores if no stock in the web store or warehouse

V18.07.01 Added “In Stock Only” filter on POS product image list screen

V18.06.13 Increased data sync speed again.

V18.06.04 Added a third method (WooCommerce Media API plugin) to upload images to WordPress Media Library.

V18.05.21 Released store credit and reward points plugin and WooCommerce integration.

V18.05.10 Released gift card plugin and WooCommerce integration.

V18.04.27 Added bulk delete SKUs function, switch 103.

V18.04.24 Added auto upload orders and customer functions from POS to WooCommerce.

V18.04.02 Added extra filter by the query to the product listing screen.

V18.03.30 Added bulk update selected SKUs, switch 102

V18.03.09 Added Permalink Slug (Product Attribute) batch import and upload function.

V18.02.25 Added product post status (publish, draft, pending, private) options to batch publishing products.

V18.02.18 Added auto assemble product, switch 101.

V18.01.29 Speeded up cloud database synchronization.

V18.01.18 Fixed some SQL deadlock and timeout issues.

V18.01.12 Added drag and drop function to move or merge departments.

V18.01.08 Added bulk (build a query) update regular price and sale price function.

V18.01.02 Added quick QOH edit/adjust function in inventory item & lookups tab.

V18.01.01 Added SHA-2 code signing to prevent anti-virus software false alarm.


V17.12.13 Added a manual “Reload Categories” button on the web (Product) info screen.

V17.11.21 Fixed a bug when minimizing the second screen facing customers.

V17.11.07 Added merge attribute function when deleting an attribute.

V17.10.17 Added dynamic wallpaper (home screen background) in c:\woopos\wallpaper folder.

V17.09.18 Fixed variation and attribute set naming issues with more than 50 attributes per item.

V17.09.06 Fixed stock quantities synchronization issue for variations created after publishing.

V17.08.23 Fixed POS rounding off issue on the tax-inclusive items.

V17.08.06 Speeded up WordPress media library loading.

V17.07.27 Speeded up creating inventory count snapshots for variation SKUs.

V17.06.25 Added keywords translation to any language other than English.

V17.06.12 Added the “Delete All Data” function to the main menu to delete all transactions, products, customers, etc.

V17.06.04 Fixed some bugs for the non-English (Unicode) environment.

V17.05.18 Added QR code scanning function to upload and download inventory count files.

V17.05.10 Speeded up URL image loading in POS.

V17.05.08 Launched WooPOS inventory count app in Google Play Store.

V17.03.01 First Release.

** The version number is the release date in YY.MM.DD format **

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