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**The general purchase order guide can be found here.**

If there is no currently open order, you can create a purchase order, or select the order (double click the order or click Edit Selected Order) to which you would like to add items.


Select the Order and Receive tab. Use the Item Code field to enter the SKU, code, or UPC of an item you want to add to your purchase order. The information can be typed manually or from a scanner.  Next, enter the quantity to be ordered in the Qty field. Press enter or Add Item to add the item to the order.


If you uncheck the box next to the Qty field, then the quantity of the item will increase by 1 for every time it is typed in or scanned.


Select Add Items /Edit Qty in the bottom left corner of the screen to manually add items to the PO from a list of all your items.

You can add quantities to order for other stores.

Another way to add items is to click the magnifying glass icon.

If you have package quantity setup, you can order by package.

Once you are satisfied with your order, press Close PO button to close the purchase order. Later, once you have received your order, you will re-open this screen and select Receive button to proceed to the receiving screen.



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