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Effective decision-making is and always will be a critical element of your operation’s overall success. Whether you run a retail business or another type of business, you understand how important it is to analyze business data in a timely manner. Your ability to gather data and to analyze it quickly provides you with the enhanced ability to make a more informed business decision. For example, you may pull business data to determine which products are in high demand so that you can keep them in stock, move them to a more strategic location in the store or even create a special promotion. Business owners and managers can use POS system reports to make critical decisions about personnel, inventory, marketing, and general operations. WooPOS offers over 500 comprehensive reports covering every aspect of your retail business, helps you gain better control of your business through our reporting features.


Sales Reports

Sales are the bread and butter of any business. Our POS sales reports help you figure out which items are bringing you the most profits, which times of the day/week/year are the busiest for your business, and which items are unpopular enough to remove from your shelves. Here are some key reports:

  • Best Sellers By SKU, Product Number
  • Worst Sellers By SKU, Product Number
  • Detailed Sold Item Listing
  • Gross Profit By Date, Department, Discount reason, Product Number, Vendor…
  • Payment Summary
  • Payment Detail
  • Voided Sales
  • Refunds
  • Discounts
  • Payments By Payment Method (credit card, gift card, web payment, etc.)
  • Paid In/Out Listing And Summary
  • Special Order
  • Sales Analysis By Department, Season, Brand, Vendor, SKU, and more
  • Sales Per Period
  • Monthly Sales By Trailing Twelve Month
  • Monthly Sales By Inventory Turnover
  • Weekly Sales Dashboard
  • Hourly Sales Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Sales Details
  • Transaction Details & Listing
  • Detailed Item Sales Analysis By Department, Vendor
  • Restock By SKU, Product number, Transaction Date, Vendor and more
  • Sales Quantity Dimension Matrix by Customer, Vendor, SKU, and more
  • Sales and Layaways By Department, Clerk, Company, Customer, and more
  • Sales Taxes By Date, Department, Clerk, Company, Customer, and more
  • Cost Of Goods Sold
  • Monthly Sales By Dashboard
  • SKU Benchmarking By Department, Vendor, Brand, and more

Inventory Reports

WooPOS Point of Sale provides many reports to help you track your inventory investment and maximize your turn and profit. Manage inventory levels across stores, pull up item lookups across all stores, and send products where they sell best. These reports can all be customized include the data you want to see:

  • Inventory Analysis
  • Inventory Adjustment Summary
  • Aged Inventory
  • Inventory On Order
  • Products Catalog Listing
  • Inventory Over Maximum Qty
  • Inventory Below Minimum Qty
  • Inventory Below or Equal to ReOrder Point
  • Inventory Performance
  • Inventory QOH Location Matrix
  • Inventory Value Detail
  • Location Catalog Listing
  • Operating Statistics
  • PO On Order
  • On Order Cost Value
  • On Order Retail Value
  • Purchase Order Payable
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Received Purchase Orders Summary
  • PO Receiving
  • Rank Sell Through
  • Sell Through
  • Sell Through vs. Last Year
  • Inventory Transfer Listing
  • Inventory Transfer Summary
  • Physical Count Variance
  • Inventory Count Sheet

Customer Reports

Utilizing CRM reports, you can analyze each customer’s order history to better tailor their offerings according to their preferences. Keep track of detailed customer information, find out who your most loyal customers are, how much they spend with you, and what they’re buying. Here are some reports:

  • Customers Listing
  • Customers By Dollars Spent
  • Customers By Item
  • Customers By Purchase Date
  • Points Statement
  • Store Credit Statement
  • AR Statement
  • AR Summary
  • Aged Receivables
  • Gift Cards / Gift Certificates Activity Summary
  • Gift Certificates Redeem Status
  • Outstanding AR Transactions
  • Outstanding Deposit
  • Consignment Report
  • Gross Profit By Customer or Customer Type
  • Sales & Layaways By Customer or Customer Type
  • Sales Details By Customer or Customer Type
  • Sales Taxes By Customer or Customer Type
  • Transaction Listing By Customer or Customer Type


Employee Reports

It can be difficult to determine an employee’s precise value to your business and the areas in which they need further training. Instead of hovering over your employees’ shoulders at all times (which we don’t recommend), you can use our smart reports to keep track of your employees and monitor their sales.

  • Sales By Clerk
  • Clerk Productivity Report
  • Hourly Sales By Clerk
  • Gross Profit By Clerk
  • Sales & Layaways By Clerk
  • Sales Details By Clerk
  • Sales Taxes By Clerk
  • Transaction Listing By Clerk
  • Spiff Commission By Clerk
  • Dayend Report By Cashier
  • Time Card Report  (time clock/hours worked)

Vendor Reports

The vendor/supplier reports will help you manage your payables to ensure that you pay your vendors timely, forecast your cash outflows and determine which vendors are costing you the most money for the goods and services they provide to your company.

  • Inventory Analysis By Vendor
  • Inventory On Order By Vendor
  • Inventory Performance By Vendor
  • PO On Order Cost Value By Vendor & Cancel Date
  • PO On Order Cost Value By Vendor & Order Date
  • PO On Order Cost Value By Vendor & Shipping Date
  • Rank Sell Through By Vendor
  • Receiving By Vendor
  • PO Summary By Vendor
  • Gross Profit By Vendor
  • ReStock By Vendor
  • Benchmarking By Vendor
  • Vendor Contact List
  • Vendor Invoice List
  • Vendor Invoice Summary
  • Vendor Payment

All reports can be accessed from the web browser or email at a scheduled time.

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