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Special Order Transaction

Special Orders are created when a customer wishes to purchase an item that you do not have in stock. Once you create a special order, you can ask the customer for a deposit if you would like to do so. The order can be then added to a purchase order from the Special Order screen. After receiving your special ordered item, you can recall the transaction and have the customer fully pay off the special order.


Creating a Special Order

The method of creating a special order depends on whether or not you already have the item entered into your system as a SKU:

Item already has a SKU: Creating a Special Order

Item with no (not enough) stock: Create Special Order from a sale (Back-order)

Item does not have a SKU: Special SKU

Displaying a List of Special Orders

Inserting a Special Order Into a Purchase Order

Adding Special Orders to a Purchase Order

Purchase Order Guide

Voiding a Special Order

Voiding a Special Order


Recall a Special Order 

Recall/Edit Special Order

Advanced Functions

Making Special Order Payments


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