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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

Versatile product!

The software is very versatile and can be customized to meet just about any store's needs. The customer support is very prompt and helpful. WooPOS has made my life so much easier and I would definitely recommend to anyone.
- Dana Boric

Awesome Software and Awesome Support

We have been playing around with WooPOS and just Love it. Easy to Connect to your E-Commerce store like WooCommerce. We recommended to all.
- Krúttin Iceland

Good POS, fast support, affordable

I was searching for POS to sync my Woocommerce web store with my physical store when I found WooPos. It amazed me how flexible and affordable is. It can manage a lot of aspects of our businesses and the support is really great and respond fast.
- Vasilis

Much better than Plugin

I have been using another WooCommerce POS plugin for 2 years. When I have over 2000 products, the plugin system went horribly wrong and unstable. I started looking for a new POS, and luckily I found WooPOS. It's fast and stable. It has much much more features than any other POS systems. Now I cannot run my business without WooPOS!
- Sabrina Scott

Flexible and Customizable POS

I am very impressed with WooPOS's flexibility. The WooPOS team has done a remarkable job of responding to the special needs of our business. I would highly recommend the WooPOS Point of Sale system
- Russell Feed

Too good to be true but actually work!

Woopos is the only system we've found that has abilities to work offline and sync back to WooCommerce. The pricing is so affordable for small business owners. It's hard to believe such great WooCommerce POS system exists! Take it for a test drive!
- Valley Oasis

Best quality/price ratio

Despite its current limitations, I think that WooPOS offers one of the best quality/price ratio on the market for serious small businesses. Yes, it exists some almost free POS but for someone serious, these pos offer too few features and limit the possible future growth. I am optimistic for WooPOS, it should become very popular.
- Denis Dufresne

The Very Best There Is

I tried at least three different WooCommerce-integrated point-of-sale systems with very disappointing results before finding WooPOS in the fall of 2017. I've been happily using WooPOS ever since and couldn't be happier with it. The software just works, and the service (for those rare times when it doesn't) is fast, efficient, and actually solves the problems! That gets an exclamation point because I've found that to be a rare quality in this business segment. So if you're running a WooCommerce online store and need to integrate your brick-and-mortar operations with it, I can't think of any better solution than WooPOS. Highly recommended!
- Port Orchard Parrots Plus

Incredible POS

Unbelievable! This software is Amazing, its so customize, professional & flexible. The support is in active respond not like other plug-ins. Operates smooth, simple & fast. Was looking something like this from three years, found it, like it. We appreciate for whole WooPos Team for developing this type of efficient software. We recommend this POS for every small scale as well as large scale business who want to get connect, establish & build their e-commerce store with Woo Commerce. LOVE it!
- Greenbay Essentials Inc USA

Best POS software on the market

Full featured POS software with everything our previous POS station had and more. - Highly configurable allowing for a tailored user experience. - Follows industry best practices, which initially seemed annoying and unnecessary but much appreciated down the line, when generating reports or tracking stock. - Robust documentation and Excellent email support. Always helpful with problem solving and developers actively deliver on newly requested features. - Reasonably priced with no hidden fees. If you have a retail business and are looking to link it to an ecommerce platform, WooPOS is the best solution on the market. Prior to using WooPOS I tried web based POS systems on the market such as "WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)" by actualityextensions and "WooCommerce POS" by kilbot, only to find the them lacking in features, slow and prone to crashing. Having used WooPOS for over a year, I find the software reliable, frequently updated and a key part of bringing my brick and mortar business into the eCommerce space.
- Wellfond Pets