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Setting Up Pricing by Margin

In order to setup pricing based on a suggested margin percentage, you need to create a special attribute called Suggested Margin. When...
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Adding New Positions

You can add new employee positions, or edit the permissions on old positions, using the setup menu. First, Log into the...
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Receipt Footer Messages

To set up or edit your store’s messages (for printing on receipts, layaway, quotation, special orders, etc) log into the...
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Setting Up Advanced Tax Rates

The advanced tax rate function allows you to set up multiple tax rates based on customer shipping addresses. This is...
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Adding New Vendor Contacts

New contacts can be added to vendors from the vendor information window. 1. Log into WooPOS and then access the...
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Ingenico iSMP4 WiFi Setup

Turn on the Ingenico unit by plugging in the unit or pressing the on/off button. When you first turn the...
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Attribute Types (Formats)

This article will list the different types of attributes To understand how to create and manage attributes and attribute sets see...
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Store General Information

1. Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu. 2. Under the setup menu, select the Stores tab...
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Set Layaway Expiry/Due Day

To set a default Layaway expiry period (which will be displayed on invoices in the form of a due date)...
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Brand Setup

Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu. Select General Settings tab. Overview of Brands: 1. Type in...
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Setting Up Tax Options

You can edit your tax options to create multiple choices for tax. For example, if there is a partial tax...
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Adding New Customer Types

1. Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu. Select General Settings tab. Type the name of your desired new...
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Setting Employees to Inactive

From the employee setup screen, you can set an employee as inactive and render that employee unable to log into...
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SmartPay Integrated Payment Setup

This is the pin pad device you get from SmartPay. Plugin the power cord and network cable. Press the red button to power...
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