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  • Thanks for help,

    to avoid such manual intervention from support team in future,

    I suggest to have feature to force pushing the quantities from POS to WEB based on certain query..

    currently there is already button to publish selected products from POS to WEB, but in my case I just want to correct the stocks.


    anyhow with such good and fast support from WOOPOS team, such feature might not be needed 🙂



    I did create new discount rule and figure out that the query doesn’t work if the query include Arabic Characters, for example:

    department = أكاديميا AND customer type = VIP Customer

    it will always say no items matching this rule

    for example, if one of my friends of family members visited me, then i want to give him 10% discount on certain products predefined previously during the setup.

    i don’t want to waste time selecting each product that i want to apply discount on it.

    I need to apply the discount for certain customers only.

    if each one did dayend by cashier, then do we need to do dayend by store again?

    yes seems data sync issue, after all data got synced, i restarted the software and it worked.



    i did the upgrade but the option didn’t show to users, I’m on version

    yes it did work for me using the administrator account.

    it would be beneficial to have it enabled in all reports for all users.

    But I don’t want this user to be an administrator, he is already a power user with almost 95% of permissions.

    and he need to generate this report every week, so its not practical to let the administrator do this job on behalf of the poweruser.

    The raw data function is not available in the inventory by sku report.

    even if made print preview then export to excel file, the exported excel file have product name and sku in the same column, so the exported data is not suitable to be made as table and sorted.

    thanks for the update,
    but on the same report, it shows only 309 products, while i have 800+ products???

    almost all sku
    check these

    thanks for the amazing support

    thanks a lot,
    for time being if you can do some manual workaround in database level I would highly appreciate it as I want to finalize 650+ invoices paid by cash on delivery, and commit their Qty on hand.

    Ok, and when i transfer assembled products to my webstore, will it also update the stock quantity for the simple product in my woocommerce?

    i assume bundled products should be published as grouped product in woocommerce.