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Adjusting Customer Points

If you ever need to add/remove customer points without selling/returning an item, you can use a points SKU to make...
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Light and Dark Background Theme

Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu. Select Light Background Theme or Dark Background Theme, and click Save button. Close...
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WooCommerce Inventory Management Overview

Powerful WooCommerce Inventory Management In today’s fiercely competitive business world, management should aim beyond survival at market leadership. You need...
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Accessing the Reports Menu

The Reports menu can be accessed by either selecting the Reports icon at the left sidebar or selecting it from the Reports icon...
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Here are some acronyms that can be encountered in WooPOS as well as their translated values. ADJ: The history of total...
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Age Verification Setup

Age verification provides industries such as tobacco, vaping products, online gaming, weapon, and wine and spirits with a way to...
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Editing an Employee Time Card

1. To edit an employee’s time cards, Login into the system and select Time Card from home screen and Time Card Report from...
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Changing Your Password

To change your password, select Change Password icon from Home screen.     Step 1. Upon selecting this option, a...
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Viewing Time Cards

1. To view your time cards, Login into the system and select Time Card from home screen and Time Card Report...
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Customer Management (CRM) Overview

WooPOS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps retail businesses enter, analyze, and track customer information. CRM systems also provide a methodology...
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Checking Data Sync Status

A) Data Sync between the Cloud Database and Local Database Go to: Setup, Cloud Sync -> select the server name...
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Custom Software Development Services

WooPOS is a robust, highly customizable software platform that offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and customization options straight out...
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Reports Listing

Effective decision-making is and always will be a critical element of your operation’s overall success. Whether you run a retail...
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WooPOS is customizable and flexible to fit your retail business needs. The Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) model will help you to add...
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