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WooPOS is customizable and flexible to fit your retail business needs. The Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) model will help you to add any custom information to the system.

WooPOS uses the attributes to store industry specified data, build queries to filter out unnecessary data, and print custom form, invoice, and labels. The attributes can be added to products, transactions, customers, vendors, etc.

WooPOS has over 100 switches to turn on or turn off the special advanced features.

You can export, sort, change the layout of any list view in WooPOS. Lots of screens layout can be customized, like POS screen, attribute window, quick launch buttons, and favorite reports.

All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF. The report “Raw Data” function allows you to export data and create your own reports.

You can send customized emails and print customized invoices, purchase order and receiving reports, and import customers, products, and vendors using templates.

There are many different types of product pricing. You can set up the price by customer type, by a margin or markup, sale price by date or store, advanced pricing rules, minimum price, price level and much more.

Regardless of how many customization options our software offers straight out of the box – we are aware that you may require additional customization. Please check our Custom Development Services.





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