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  • Thanks, that is what I was looking for.

    How do I get a total though for Inventory for tax purposes?

    I am able to pull that up as your above directions, but after selecting all and trying to past in Excel (to see if I could just calculate there)  nothing will paste as a total.

    Emailed over a copy.

    So you are saying it will apply the purchase orders entered to the inventory snapshot once the variance is accepted/applied for the snapshot count?  Ie – we don’t have to do anything extra on our end?

    I will have to verify that is what we are seeing.  For example one product was 0 at snapshot, PO was 8, but there is 4 on the shelf due to sales.  So someone that is not involved in purchasing then enters count as 4.  That would then be incorrect.

    In the KB – this statement is a little confusing.   “Any items sold after creating your inventory snapshot, but before they have been counted and added to a batch must be added to your count using a manual input batch. “

    Looks like the update that i downloaded this morning seems to have resolved it – V20.01.12.10


    I’ll try the lookups, but as far as hitting enter, the barcode scanner is adding a return key after input.

    We’re are still having the issue when scanning with the barcode, it jumps to the wrong item – then we hit search and it goes to the correct one.  This is all without changing what the scanner inputted.

    Restarting the POS is not doing it for us.  I want to say the last time, I even updated the software at the same time since I was closing the app anyway.

    I’ll check that screen when I get back out there.  Thanks

    I’m running into this again – where is the reload categories button?  I thought it may be on the WooCommerce page or the setup page that has categories, but apparently I am missing it somewhere.



    I’m curious as I just ran across this issue as well.

    Do we alway shave to do this?  I thought previously orders online would deduct automatically from inventory?

    Inventory is still not correct though and the item for that online purchase is not showing up in the who bought this screen.

    On the Inventory/InPut Inventory Tab, the only box that has the magnifying glass is the Quick Add Item.

    We are using the box below that – Search Items from List, one. We click there, scan the UPC and it jumps to an item that does not correspond to the correct one, you have to manually hit enter again then it goes to the right item.

    As far as the missing items, here are two: 88040 and X12RS15F. Both show up fine with those numbers or the UPC on the SKUs page but not Inventory Count.

    Good evening, I’m not sure when, but I just noticed invoice notes are not printing on fullsize receipts.  Is there an option that can be checked somewhere?

    I just went to try this again and I am missing something still.

    I created a new category in WooCommerce, waited about an hour now and there is nothing new in WooPOS. I created the same Department name in WooPOS and assigned the product, but when publishing to the web it is just publishing to the top level of WooCommerce.

    Is there a way to make the payout show in the normal day to day transactions? That is more of what we were looking for.

    We are using 17.10.14 and I can’t enter a negative value for Consignments as it says it is less than 0. If I go into the item and try to manually set minimum price I get the same error. Is there another update we are missing?

    Sorry, could you clarify a little. If I create the new category in WordPress will WooPOS pull it down in the background then without having to force a manual sync? Meaning once I create it, I should be set and can move items to that category without doing anything else?