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Using Avery Label Templates

Here is a list of templates for Avery labels that you can download and use. Each one is a different...
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Selling Items at Cost Price

1. Login into the system and access the Products menu. Select the Skus tab. 2. Click Special Price Box. This will bring up the...
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ISBN Lookup Setup Guide

To create a SKU for a book, you don’t have to fill in all information like description, price manually. You...
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Adjusting Counted Inventory

1. If you need to make any corrections within a counted batch simply double click the item, or select it...
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Selling Items During Inventory Count

**The general inventory count guide can be found here.** Inventory count quantity should reflect inventory quantity of the snapshot time....
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Label Designer Tips

Some hints to use when designing your own labels: Printing Attributes on a Label dbo.getAttribute(‘Skus’,sku,’AttName’) dbo.getAttribute(‘Customers’,convert(varchar,CustomerStoreID)+’-‘+convert(varchar,CustomerID),’AttName’) change AttName to the...
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Using Serial Numbers

You can use a serial number to keep track of specific items, by adding a serial number for each item....
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Creating a Bundle Sku

A bundle/basket has no Inventory (not to manage stock), but subtracts inventory of several other SKUs which are all sold...
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