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Adjusting Counted Inventory

1. If you need to make any corrections within a counted batch simply double click the item, or select it...
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Creating Batches

**The general inventory count guide can be found here.** Before you create a batch, please generate inventory snapshot first. To...
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Viewing Store Inventory

To view your store’s inventory, first enter the Products menu. Next, select the Inventory tab to view the Inventory list....
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Pricing by Customer Type

You can create price level based on specified customer types. First, create a decimal attribute [CustomerType]_Price Replace [CustomerType] with the name...
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Special Order Guide

Special Order Transaction Special Orders are created when a customer wishes to purchase an item that you do not have...
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Recording PO Invoice Payments

Once you have made a payment on an outstanding invoice, you can record that payment from the Vendors screen. 1....
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Setting Up Pricing by Markup

In order to set up pricing based on a suggested markup percentage, you need to create a special attribute called Suggested...
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Printing Purchase Orders

**The general purchase order guide can be found here.** Using the purchase order screen, you can print or email a...
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Creating a Tag SKU

Tag SKU: A tag SKU is used when you wish an item to be automatically added to a sale every...
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Inventory Count Variance Report

**The general inventory count guide can be found here.** Once you have accounted for all variances in your count, it...
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