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  • The backup files are stored in c:\woopos\backup folder. The system will keep 35 daily back-ups, 20 weekly back-ups and 20 monthly back-ups by default. The older files will be deleted automatically. If you have 100GB of hard drive space, the back-ups should never fill up hard drive space. We can adjust the backup copies number if needed. You will get a warning message when the hard space drops to less than 4GB. You can manually move backup files to external hard drives.

    For example one product was 0 at snapshot, PO was 8, but there is 4 on the shelf due to sales.  So someone that is not involved in purchasing then enters count as 4.” In this case, you should count zero, because 4 was from PO after snapshot.

    If the snapshot is 8, sold 3 after snapshot. You should count 8. Or count 5, and add 3 (sold) to another manual batch.

    You should count items right after the snapshot created. If you cannot count the whole store at one night, you should do selective/partial count. Or re-create snapshot at the time point of actual counting.


    The count you are entering should reflect the quantity at the snapshot time (Dec 31/Jan 1).

    For example, the snapshot quantity is 10, you count 9. The variance is -1 (9-10). If the current quantity is 15 after selling and PO receiving, the final quantity will 14 (15-1) after the last step of inventory count (applying variance).

    Can you send a video or screenshots by email?

    Try to hit ENTER key after each scanning, or click the “Lookups” column header before scanning.

    Method 1:

    You can create a quick launch button, use {Discount}All20% as “action“.

    Method 2:

    Create a service SKU, like “20%OffCoupon”. Don’t use a word starts with “Coupon” like “Coupon20”.

    Create a special price rule for 20% off when selling the coupon SKU.


    You can export quantities to excel file and then import back. If the system detects the changes, it will automatically push to the website.

    I have reset for you this time. Just wait a while a check again.

    If you lost images, you can copy images from c:\woopos\image folder to your web hosting media/ image folder.

    You can batch upload all products from pos to woocommerce.  This should recover most of products data.

    You can use the Work Order transaction type (instead of Invoice or Layaway) in the payment window.

    Transaction Type Definitions


    To receive extra payment after the initial Work Order transaction:

    Receiving Outstanding Payments


    Recall the Work Order transaction, modify or convert to invoice:

    Recall Transaction Functions


    If you track the status of each item, use the advanced features:

    Advanced Functions for Layaway, Special Order, Work Order


    To print custom form:

    Printing Custom Forms for Transactions

    Regularly (once per week or two) logging in to POS is required.

    If there’s no data in POS database, you can just uninstall and delete c:\woopos folder, and reinstall WooPOS.

    If you have data, please move the backup files from c:\woopos\bakcup folder to another folder. Uninstall and delete c:\woopos folder, and reinstall WooPOS. Let us know your email account or database ID on top of POS screen, we will enable restoring backup so you can follow this instruction to restore the backup.

    Restoring Database Backup

    Just put store ID(s) here (click quick launch button designer blank area), comma-delimited if multi-stores, like 1,2


    You can add a product attribute “Show In Stores”, and add stores IDs with comma-delimited.



    Yes. Copy the desktop WooPOS icon, right-click to change properties.

    Add this at end of target line:

    Instance WooPOSCosmeticLabs 1799


    Instance WooPOS2 1799

    In this case, CosmeticLabs is the business name, 1799 is SQL TCP/IP port.

    Double click this icon on the desktop, follow WooPOS setup wizard to start the second business setup. Please use a different Email account in the setup.

    Use selective snapshot, if you want to set quantities to zero for the items are in the selection but not in the list of files.

    Use spot snapshot,  if you want to leave quantities unchanged for the items are not in the list of files.

    I believe you should use spot snapshot.

    Generating Inventory Snapshot


    Sorry I still don’t understand your question. Hope this is will help.

    When a product is out of stock, POS will give an out-of-stock warning message when selling. You can still sell the product. In most case, if the customer has the item physical on hand, the quantity number in POS system is probably wrong. The quantity should be manually adjusted or though inventory count. If you have layaway or web orders, the system will put item on-hold (A column other than QtyOnhand), and you should put the item physically aside(on hold).