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  • I have spent a couple of hours to check the product “157 Carton”. When WooPOS sent product listing request to the WooCommerce API, all products showed up except this product. This is the only one missing. I’m not sure why, it could be API issue or other WordPress plugins. I created a duplicate copy of this product, nothing changed, the copy of the product showed up.

    To fix this problem, you can just create a copy/duplicate, delete the original product, and import all products again.

    All published products and all recent orders’ customers should be automatically imported. You can go Setup–>WooCommerce–>Import Web Products, and import all products again. If still missing, you can give an example product name and customer name, I can check it for you.

    We recently added affiliate program, if you haven’t registered, you can do so:

    Affiliate and Referral

    Your SSL server does not parse the Authorization header correctly. We have worked around by providing the consumer key/secret as query string parameters instead of the header. Please get the upgrade (download and install WooPOS again), reset API key and try again.

    Another way is to disable https, this is not recommended, but you can try, go to WordPress–>Settings–>General Settings–>Site Address(URL), set URL to http instead of https.

    We found another problem as WooCommerce does not auto update stock status, as discussed here:
    We have a solution to work around. Please get the upgrade to avoid this problem.

    It stopped when we switched WooCommerce API from V1 to V2. Now it has been fixed. I have updated your quantities online. Please check again.

    Most common reason for this is “Automatically update online stock quantities” in WooCommerce settings is not checked on, or “Manage Stock” is not checked on in Sku Info tab.

    But your case is probably caused a bug of the recent version. Did the quantity change before your last upgrade(May 12)? If so, would you like to update all stock quantities from POS to web manually, I can do it for you. Otherwise, please give me an example Sku or product name, I can have a look in detail.


    This is the correct way to adjust stock quantity on hand. You shouldn’t adjust the QOH quite often. But for newly created items, you should do purchase order and receiving instead. Otherwise you will have cost calculation problems later on for reporting and accounting.
    Another way to adjust inventory is through inventory count. To do a quick spot snapshot inventory count:

    If you have lots of items to count, you should use a scanner. Or import a list through Excel or CSV file.

    This has been fixed a couple days ago. Please get upgrade and try again. If there’s still problem, please let me know.

    This caused by invalid data from WooCommerce API. We have worked around. Please get the new version and try again. Thanks

    Did you go Products->Skus->Info tab, Web Info button, then click Publish button? You have to click Publish button in order to publish a product from POS to Web.
    Please check this article as well:

    WooCommerce Data Synchronization

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    Thanks for pointing out. We have found a bug and it has been fixed. Please upgrade (download and install).

    Internal notes cannot be printed on the invoice, it’s for internal use only, should not be visible to the customer. You can use invoice notes instead:
    printable invoice note
    Another way is to create a NOTE SKU, name the SKU as NOTE, MEMO, or CUSTOMITEM, etc. Leave the description blank and price zero. And then sell this SKU and put the description(your notes) and price dynamically.

    Creating a New SKU

    You cannot receive payment on quotation transaction. But you can use work order instead of quotation.

    Transaction Type Definitions

    To receive deposit or payment:

    Receiving Outstanding Payments

    Thanks for the suggestion. You can find the version number on the top of WooPOS screen. The version number is referring to the date YY.MM.DD.HH. You can get a list of updates and versions here.

    For performance issue, WooPOS only loads top 500 Skus/Products by default. You can type any keywords (description, Sku, product number, etc) to search the products. Up to 500 Skus will be displayed if more than 500 Skus in the search result.

    Alternatively, you can load all items by holding CTRL key, then click F5 Refresh button. This will bring you the full list of products instead of top 500 products.

    In default (top 500) mode, the result for keywords searching is directly from the database.

    In the full list mode, the result for keywords searching is from the listview(local memory, F5 refresh manually). You need to click the Search button or Shift-Enter key in order to search.