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Giving Store Credit for Returns

When a customer returns an item, instead of giving them money back you can instead give store credit, which can...
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Setting Tax Exemption By Customer

A tax exemption by a customer will allow you to sell products without charging taxes for the selected customer. To exempt tax by...
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Rental Reservation Setup

1. To set up the rental reservation, first, create a new SKU. Select RENTAL as product type. 2. Change the...
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Multiple Transaction Print Outs

To print Multiple Transactions Simultaneously (Invoice, Layaway, etc.), either click View Transaction button from customer screen, Or, select the Transactions button,...
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Quotation Transactions

A quotation allows for you to create a quote for the customer without making a sale. This quote will act...
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Spending a gift card

This article will detail for you how to spend a gift card on a purchase. First, make a sale. When...
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Creating a Special Order

**The general special order guide can be found here.** If a customer wishes to purchase an item that you do...
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Refilling a Gift Card

Money can be added to an already issued Gift Card from the Gift Card / Certificate screen. To access this...
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Setting up BuyBack Mode

BuyBack Mode will enable you to return a SKU previously purchased by simply ticking off one option at the POS...
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