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SKU Activity Reports

From the Inventory window, you can view and print a list of activity reports for each item in your store....
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Grouping SKUs Together

If you wish to group similar SKUs together, you will need to enter a group name in the group field...
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Disclaimer Attribute for SKUs

Disclaimer is a convenient SKU attribute that allows you to display a particular message on the receipt printed for a...
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Transfer Request

A transfer request is meant to request a transfer of inventory from one of your multi-store locations to another. Do...
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Importing Serial Numbers

1. Download the excel template file for Serial Numbers here. 2. Your template will look like the image below. Fill...
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Deleting a SKU

If you make a mistake while entering SKU information, you can easily delete a newly created SKU using the SKUs...
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Undo a Posted Purchase Order

If you discover errors in a purchase order after it has already been posted, the only way to correct them...
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